Twenty Years and Counting

Twenty years ago today, June 20, 1992, I married my best friend.  So much has changed since I said, “I do”.  We were married at the young age of 21, while still in college, and pursued our education degrees, feeling called by the Lord to become teachers.  Surprisingly, the topic of how many children only came up once.  Jeff, being from a family of eight, said, “Not eight.”

I, being an only child, said, “Two–one boy and one girl.”

By our tenth anniversary, we had our oldest son; neither of us could foretell that by the time twenty years rolled by we would have four:  two boys homegrown and two girls . . . grown in the heart.

Our life has certainly been a journey of love, commitment, and adventure.  My husband has stuck by me when I was reunited with my birth father, has supported me unconditionally, and has cooked many meals over the years.  He has wept with me when my biological father died of cancer, loved me in spite of my shortcomings, and has never pressured me to fit the stereotype of a traditional wife.  He has embraced my aspirations to write, to teach, and to love other’s children.  And when, I felt the Lord leading me  to stay home full-time and home school, Jeff only encouraged, never condemned my imperfections–such as having a home cooked meal on the table!

Today, there will be no fancy trips away only a simple dinner out.  Our youngest daughter, who we adopted in 2011, is not ready for us to leave overnight.  So, this morning the girls and I did a “pretend” wedding; I loved reliving my own wedding story, sharing with my daughters about our special day.  For the first time, in twenty years, I took out my wedding dress; the girls looked so silly in my over sized dress, but nonetheless, still very beautiful.  How the girls loved picking wildflowers for their hair and getting their toenails painted bright pink!

Right now, as I write this, Jeff is down stairs working on finishing off our daylight basement-never complaining, always positive, embracing whatever life tosses his way. 

I can learn a lot from this man.

Jeff, I pray for eternal blessings of health, love, and happiness for you, for me.  May we continue to walk this life with perseverance and a continued deep faith in the Lord.  I look forward in seeing where the Lord takes us the next ten years.  I love you and would married you every day if I could . . . for the rest of my life.


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