The Skin of a Snowman?

Snowmen clip

“Because a human infant is totally dependent on her mother for survival, one of the most traumatic events an infant can experience is abandonment in a public place under dangerous circumstances. She will literally fear for her life” (Lyon, D’Antonio, & Beck  2001).


At this point, I am not in search of a diagnosis for our youngest (adopted China 2011).  It could be any of the following:

Is is critical to change what we are doing at homenow.  None of these issues occurred until she started school; I see school as the public place that is causing her to relive the trauma of abandonment.  For the last two years, she had been home with me and her siblings.

She needs love.  She needs security.  She needs to develop trust.  She needs me.



While my coffee gets cold on the window sill, my daughter’s heart becomes warm, joyful.  We read five snowmen books today.  While reading, I held her tight, tickled her, and gave frequent zerberts.  Somehow, having my hand on her bare belly makes her sigh and snuggle closer.  Human contact. . . by the most important person to her: her mommy.

End Notes

Lyon, Lynne, D’Antonio, Nancy, & Beck, Laura. (2001).  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Post-Institutionalized Children.  Retrieved from

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