The Queen’s Chair

This is our new chair.  Looks fancy-almost throne-like, don’t you think?  I would definitely say it is pretty enough for the queen of this household!  The questions is, though, does the queen ever really get to sit in this golden chair christened with burgundy, velvet pillows, dripping with ruby-like beads?  Really, is she even worthy enough?

Our furniture track record has been in the negative for almost three years; chairs and couches do not live long in our house.  However, this chair is different; they say it is “top of the line”.  Only time will tell; however, Queen Mother, that is me, claimed this chair for myself. We had quite the ceremony.  My kids presented me with a cardboard scepter as I elegantly walked to my new throne while carefully balancing my pillow crown that sat upon my head.  Here are the chair rules: no child is allowed to sit on throne unless Queen Mother is present and sitting in the chair; the children may sit with her.  King Father may sit in the chair only if Queen Mother is absent.  Elder Prince Jacob may sit in the chair only when he is babysitting.

Surprisingly, these silly rules have worked well until today.  Look at these faces.  Could you tell them no?  I bet not!  Seriously, they danced their way into my heart once again and taught me another life lesson. How did the Lord know that I needed to be reminded about Him and His love for me?

Princess Padgetts 131 (video)

To the Lord, I am not just the maid of the household as the picture below depicts. My scepter, in the Lord’s eyes, is not a broom.  To him, I am not a mother, wife, maid, teacher, or caregiver. And neither are you, moms!  Though these roles are important, they should not define who we are in Christ.

Psalm 45:11 “The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor Him, for He is your Lord.”

When I read this verse, I thought “enthralled” by my beauty?  I immediately started to name all of my flaws-both my physical, spiritual, and emotional ones.  Then, I realized that it was my heart that He is captivated with.  He loves me in spite of my shortcomings.   Ladies, the Lord is hooked, hypnotized, charmed, fascinated, and deeply in love with you and with me.  This is what my daughters taught me today.  Why else would I be willing to post a picture of me in this tiara!


  1. That last paragraph… so true. Thanks for the reminder! I needed to hear that too. 🙂

  2. Jenni,
    This is wonderful. What a legacy of understanding you are giving to your daughters AND your sons!
    The Queen’s chair reminds me that because of Jesus we are seated in heavenly places with Him. And I bet those chairs are going to be beautiful. I love your Queen’s chair!

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