The Best Daddy Ever!

the best dadMy Dad is magnificent to me!  First of all, my Dad is a hunter.  When he kills a deer, Dad brings back the meat for me and my family-“Yum!”  When supper comes, we have delicious tacos and stew with deer meat.  This deer meat helps my family because we do not have to buy meat from the store.  Sometimes, when Dad has plenty of time, he plays Monopoly with me.  A lot of times my Daddy wins the game, but it is fine with me as long as we are having fun.  I like it when my Dad lifts me up in the air, and I stretch my arms out like an airplane.  We fly through the air.  After we run out of gas, we crash onto a bed, and he tickles and tackles me.  My favorite part of the night is when Daddy snuggles up with me and reads two books to me.  It does not matter what kind of books he reads just as long as we are together.  My favorite memory is when he adopted me.  Both Mom and Dad flew from Maine all the way to China to get me.  While we were there, my Dad would brush my teeth for me and let me put hair clips in his hair!  My Dad will love me forever.                     Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I love you!

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