Can One Learn to Read . . . in all Educational Settings?

Learning does take place in all educational settings.  Joelle has been in public school for six weeks and has just come home reading her first book.  I am a firm believer that every child does learn differently and may require a variation in the learning environment to succeed. Our youngest made it very clear that she wanted me to be her mother, not her teacher.  She wanted me to hold, to tickle, to love, and to play with her-but that was it, though.

Our youngest just needed more socialization.  I know, home schoolers do not like hear that their kids are not sociable, and I believe, for the most part, many families, who choose the road of educating their own, do produce very outgoing, personable children.  But, are we all the same?  I have to remember that my daughters did have another chapter in their lives before we became a forever family.  They were use to interacting with groups of people . . . and a different culture!

What works for her right now is interacting with a teacher (Of course, it helps that I know this teacher personally.) and being involved in a classroom setting.  She thrives on being in the middle of it all-the singing, the laughing, and apparently, the reading!  Here is a video of her reading to daddy: Joelle’s Reading

Each of our children has learned to read well in a different school setting.

  • Our oldest son: Christian school
  • Our youngest son: Christian school/ homeschooling
  • Our oldest daughter: home
  • Our youngest daughter: public school

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