A Mother’s Day Blessing

It is hard to believe that we are finishing up our third year of homeschooling!  I am still trying to figure out how I ended up here?  Really, how does one, who has taught for sixteen years,  decide to stay at home?   For me, I was, literally, thrown into it!  Though my oldest loved his […]

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Girls Will be Queens

I have just listened to Audio Adrenaline’s Kings & Queens; how this song resonates within my heart and soul! This week we celebrated our second Family Forever Day with Joelle.  I wish to dedicate this song to all other Kings and Queens waiting for families like you. Here are some of the lines from that […]

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Game Your Way through Science

I am a home schooling mom who loves to study history through reading, writing, and the arts. Taking a year off to travel the world with my family sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But . . . I do not like science.  And, I especially, detest reading a bunch of boring facts from a textbook!  Seriously, […]

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The Queen’s Chair

This is our new chair.  Looks fancy-almost throne-like, don’t you think?  I would definitely say it is pretty enough for the queen of this household!  The questions is, though, does the queen ever really get to sit in this golden chair christened with burgundy, velvet pillows, dripping with ruby-like beads?  Really, is she even worthy […]

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Different Callings to Fulfill

Dear Stay At Home Moms, You don’t have to defend your decision not to work outside of the home to me. I’m not judging you. Frankly, I don’t care if you sit at home eating bon bons and watch soap operas all day, homeschool your children, or are Martha Stewart house keepers and personal chefs […]

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Blessings Beyond Borders

Most, who adopt internationally, realize that the chances of being reunited with birth parents is extremely unlikely.  For us, we adopted our first daughter Juliese from China in July 2008.  Though she spent a great deal of time in an orphanage, she also spent an entire year with her foster family who deeply loved her.  […]

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The Little Red Piano

A children’s fiery-red piano, baby grand in style, sat off to one side of the room on Christmas morning. We had decided to save it for last, not because we didn’t want to surprise our little musician, but simply because we didn’t want to hear the pounding of the keys while trying to enjoy a […]

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Balancing Between Two Cultures

After meeting many adoptive parents throughout the years, I have come to the realization that we all approach our children’s cultures differently. Some pass down personal American traditions to their children whereas others attempt to integrate a variety of cultural aspects into their family. We have tried to balance the two, both in décor and […]

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Our Little Elf!

Happy Match Day! Two years ago today . . . We heard your name for the very first time and Saw your beautiful, big brown eyes. Two years ago today, we, and many friends and family, were frantically fundraising like crazy to bring you home.  I couldn’t wait to hold you and call you “my […]

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

In March 2011, we received our travel date to fly back to China to adopt our second daughter; the wait was finally over!  However, I had a dull ache in my heart, and her name was *Jillian, our daughter who we adopted from China in 2008.  I wasn’t obsessively concerned about leaving behind our homegrown […]

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