Homeschooling Portfolios: What Should I Include?

I do a lot of portfolio reviews for the homeschooling community.  Many ask questions like these:

  • What does a portfolio look like?
  • What do I put inside one?
  • How do I manage this with multiple children?

For starters, we automatically hole punch and file our work on the same day it is completed.  If my son has just completed a math test, I will say to him, “Son, go file this in your math section.”  Once done, we move onto the next subject; I won’t lie, though.  It does help that my brain operates in a filing cabinet manner! 

Beginning of the Year

Portfolio Creativity For an art project, my children are asked to design their portfolio covers.

FRONT: Cut out five different pictures that describe you (must be positive in nature).

BACK: Write five positive character traits that describe you.  We also do either a handprint or footprint; inside, we write the height and weight.

*At the end of the year, we love flipping through portf0lios reflecting  on how much they have learned and grown!


What to Include in a Portfolio

  1. A calendar: to keep track of school daysCalendar of School
  2. A list of field trips
  3. Lesson Plans (if you use these)
  4. Grade Records (We print the Teaching Textbooks grade book.)
  5. Report Card *
  6. Tests/Assessments
  7. Writing Samples
  8. Pictures (I rarely do this, although I have a great picture portfolio on my laptop!)
  9. Samples of work from each subject area
  10. Reading Logs

*We try to do parent/teacher conferences periodically throughout the year.  Because our kids attended private school for the first couple of years, grades still drive them to perform and apply themselves.  Being able to reflect on what they have learned for the quarter as well as share it with their dad helps us all stay on the road to success!

Portfolio Ideas





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