Different Callings to Fulfill

Dear Stay At Home Moms,

You don’t have to defend your decision not to work outside of the home to me. I’m not judging you. Frankly, I don’t care if you sit at home eating bon bons and watch soap operas all day, homeschool your children, or are Martha Stewart house keepers and personal chefs for your husband and family. You can be Carol Brady and not work but have a house keeper if that’s your thing. I assume that, like me, you are making the choice you feel is best for your family. Cool?

I say this because if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “I could never work a full time job and raise four kids,” I’d have enough money to quit my job and hire Alice to be our maid. Working moms are not a minority any more, but some people look down on us.

These comments, which are meant to be complimentary I’m sure, are actually dismissive and hurtful. By questioning the family dedication of working moms, you aren’t acknowledging the sacrifices that we make on a daily basis. Working sucks sometimes. I love some parts and can’t stand others. Also, I’ve had to put my faith in my Christian daycare provider while I run off to teach a class of little ones who are not my own. I see what other women are doing with their children while I go to work each morning, and I have to guard my heart against bitterness and envy.

So why do I work outside of the home?

God has confirmed to me that I am in the right place as a public school teacher. He didn’t say it in an audible voice, but I know without a doubt this was the path He wanted me to travel. Through my commitment to other children, not just my own, I have been able to touch lives I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. To throw away the opportunity to love and impact non-Christian children is not just a career, it’s a mission.
If God asked you to do the same, wouldn’t you say yes?

I’m not better, or more patient, or more holy, or more anything. I didn’t dream of playing the constant balancing act of mom and teacher. I simply obeyed, and God is gracious enough to show me the fruits of my sacrifice.


A while back I posted this link: http://www.stuffandthingsblog.com/dear-non-homeschooling-moms/

My dear friend and colleague (in 2011 we completed our masters’ degrees together) responded to the above blog with this heartfelt letter.  I, too, have traveled down both roads: a public school teacher for 14 years and now a homeschooling, adoptive mom for the last three years. God calls us all to travel down different paths, and sometimes, He even switches the direction!  Regardless, we are all unique creations in Him with different callings to fulfill.

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