But It’s Just a Doll!

Take a look at this baby doll.  Isn’t she pretty?  My oldest daughter bought this Christmas gift for her little sister (adopted from China in 2011).  You may be thinking, “Why isn’t this an Asian doll?”  Well, before this doll, we had bought an Asian baby doll, whose eyes would open and shut; my daughter hated her.  Later, we purchased an American girl doll that looked just like her.  Needless to say, my oldest daughter now has two American girl dolls!  Need I say more?

The Christmas Eve Gift

The Christmas Eve Gift

But, my daughter’s response to this doll was different.  With the previous dolls, she would  either ignore them or play with them-only if  her sister was around.  She didn’t mind having these dolls at the end of her bed.

On Christmas Eve, we were putting our daughters down for bed.  I noticed that her baby doll was crammed inside a box.  When I asked if she wanted to cuddle her baby, her response, “Keep it in the box.  I do not want it looking at me.”  Soon after, she told me that she didn’t like it and wanted me to take it out of the room. “The doll has eyes that will not shut and will be looking at me all night long.  It’s the doll from my bad dream.  That one would never close its eyes either,” she said.  So, I just put the doll out of sight.

Look At Her Eyes

Look At Her Eyes

The next night, right before bed,  she began to weep; we could not soothe her.  My husband, then, questioned if she had been traumatized in the orphanage.  After all, we had read many stories about children dying and being left in their cribs for several days.  I had often wondered how this impacted the other children?  Though we could not prove this, the thought was certainly worth entertaining.  The bottom line: something about that doll was scaring her.  It wasn’t until we removed the baby doll from the house did she finally relax.

Several days later, she asked who we were giving the doll to and wanted the reassurance that the doll would not return home as a gift.  I am proud to say that as I write this post, the doll is finding a new home.

Doll Phobias, really?


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