Learning to Laugh

Fall 2011 028

In Maine, near the end of July, our leaves begin to change, while our mailboxes are ambushed with endless Back-to-School sale flyers.  As a public school teacher for many years, I would scream at the wind and to anyone else who would listen, “I am still on summer vacation; leave me alone!”  But, like most [...]


The Skin of a Snowman?

Snowmen clip

“Because a human infant is totally dependent on her mother for survival, one of the most traumatic events an infant can experience is abandonment in a public place under dangerous circumstances. She will literally fear for her life” (Lyon, D’Antonio, & Beck  2001).   At this point, I am not in search of a diagnosis [...]


Doing the Bottle-Again!

I cannot believe I am writing another post about “doing the bottle”-same philosophy, different child. It will be three years in May.  Our daughter left the only home she knew: an orphanage.  When she arrived to her forever home, she acted like she’d owned the place!  Church was the same-blowing kisses, smiling, and definitely not [...]

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But It’s Just a Doll!

Take a look at this baby doll.  Isn’t she pretty?  My oldest daughter bought this Christmas gift for her little sister (adopted from China in 2011).  You may be thinking, “Why isn’t this an Asian doll?”  Well, before this doll, we had bought an Asian baby doll, whose eyes would open and shut; my daughter [...]

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Can One Learn to Read . . . in all Educational Settings?

Learning does take place in all educational settings.  Joelle has been in public school for six weeks and has just come home reading her first book.  I am a firm believer that every child does learn differently and may require a variation in the learning environment to succeed. Our youngest made it very clear that [...]

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The Right Side of Math and the Dyslexic

As I continue down the bumpy road of educating our four kids, I am simply amazed at what each of us has learned.  However, during the last three years of homeschooling, my youngest son has taught me a great deal about learning differences-especially in the area of dyslexia.  It is my desire to share with [...]

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